About Our Project

We have opened our own investment fund, especially for those who do not want to delve into the intricacies of the market and understand trading. Our project is a platform for creating permanent profits. Full transparency and accountability of work. We are distinguished by a high level thanks to the introduction of the latest technologies.


High profit

After authorization, you will receive a gift bonus for mining and the income will immediately go. For activity on the site you are given bonuses every hour. Referral program 7% of your partner's contribution.

Do we have "POINTS" or other restrictions?

We have no restrictions on the payment of earnings. Each user can withdraw from the project if his balance has reached 0.1 USD

What are the methods of replenishment and payments?

Replenishment in Minertrade is realized through the PAYEER payment system. Balance replenishment is not a mandatory procedure, you can order payments without replenishing your balance.

What is Minertrade

About The Minertrade

Minertrade - this is an exciting game with the possibility of real money withdrawal. We give our users many ways to have a good time and still make real money.

120% profit at 20% daily for 6 days. Accruals every second and instant payments of 7% for the affiliate program.

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Project statistics

Collected here is a summary of the project to date.

Total accounts
83365.36 USD
Total investment
10287.23 USD
Total paidout
Start date

Project statistics


U675513XXX — PM — 10.00 $

U585749XXX — PM — 4.00 $

U451663XXX — PM — 6.00 $

U607418XXX — PM — 7.00 $

P280859XXX — PE — 13.00 $

P734100XXX — PE — 14.00 $

P205725XXX — PE — 12.00 $

U517010XXX — PM — 10.00 $

U295170XXX — PM — 9.00 $


U706276XXX — PM — 2.00$

P500187XXX — PE — 3.00$

U573651XXX — PM — 2.00$

P277708XXX — PE — 2.00$

P554375XXX — PE — 1.00$

U329713XXX — PM — 1.00$

U172189XXX — PM — 2.00$

P839309XXX — PE — 1.00$

U444289XXX — PM — 1.00$

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers, are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

120% profit at 20% daily for 6 days. Accruals every second and instant payments of 7% for the affiliate program.
No, these modules are missing in our project and will not be.
By inviting your friends and acquaintances through your referral link, you get 7% on your balance from the sum of investment of the invitees.
Our project is implemented on the purchase of real cryptocurrency mining equipment, which means that until the cryptocurrency falls, our project will not close.